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97% of Geology experts agree.

We humans are causing the climate change.


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"The business aims at excellence in every sector of the business plan. We have the self-honesty to admit when we're wrong and the courage to change. That courage is what makes the business tick. Our business values are embedded in our daily planning”. Gary Salter Director and Owner May 2020

Exploration & Mining Technical Services

To execute agreed plans as collaboratively designed for our various clients to manage all phases of the exploration & mining cycle.

Virtual reality to start in African universities.

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Our Business Mission

The business mission is to take acquired knowledge and skills from previous work experience and apply that experience to my future career aspirations as a management consultant. It is the business Mission to create a business environment where everyone can benefit and be effective on the basis of giving back to the community for it has given the business many opportunities.

A joint venture with our partners

What Experts say


GRS Consulting (NSW) Pty Ltd has capacity to provide suitable competent resources for all activities related to technical services support during all phases of the mining cycle.


GRS pride themselves in the standard of services, the quality of their workmanship and the professionalism of their approach which is reflected in the satisfaction of their clients like us.



We Support Renewable energy.