New global world post virus will be a stronger global supply chain & more rigorous social framework.

The COVID-19 pandemic has strongly affected commodity markets, while restrictions imposed by governments and social distancing rules have forced mining companies to redesign staff rosters, slow down production or put their operations on hold.

Once the corona-crisis is over, mining operators will have to reinvent themselves and adopt new ways of working. In the ‘new normal’, productivity, efficiency and worker health and safety will be more important than ever. Over the past years mining operators have started engaging in digital transformation projects, and – as part of effective response to the pandemic – we can only expect these initiatives to accelerate.

The automation of critical processes will be vital to increase operational efficiency and mine productivity. Remote controlled and autonomous vehicles and machinery will ensure business continuity. Wearable digital PPE, geo-tracking and mission-critical PTT/PTV services will help keeping people, machines and vehicles at a safe distance from each other – above and underground.
Gary Salter  May 2020 

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