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Exploration & Mining Technical Services

GRS CONSULTING (NSW)PTY LTD has considerable capacity inclusive of associated groups to execute agreed scope of work, such to define and rank projects and specifically drilling targets and manage the planned exploration and assist our client’s complete relevant mining studies and explorations from concept to developing scope and coordinating RFQ -arrange tender documentation and assist in ranking service providers. Assist client review service provider financial and technical ability to undertake the Project-focus safety. Assist in EOI if requested. Specifically, GRS Consulting (NSW) Pty Ltd has capacity to provide suitable competent resources for all activities related to technical services support during all phases of the mining cycle.

Advisory Role

The role of the ‘boot leather’ exploration strategy versus the ‘high ‘technology’ approach is valid. Much work remains to be done to test mineral type hypothesis  in many base metal targets. As a means to commence such work. GRS Consulting regularly seeks to further investigate hypotheses of known successful exploration management.

Best Choice

A word of caution for the groups that base their business model on acquisition of tenure – you need to beat the market efficiency equation (the rule of zero Net Present Value) to grow the true profitability of the business. That is not to say the target deposit or Company has a zero Net Present Value (NPV) – merely that the expected purchase price will be the NPV with no additional benefit to the acquirer. 

Full Solutions

GRS Consulting does not fully support the generic theme that a couple of competent business analysts and a spreadsheet can acquire deposits more cheaply than traditional exploration .Although the premise is correct with regard initial cost and timeframe criteria it is our experience that spreadsheet mining underpinned by accurate and adequate exploration and detailed mining optimisation can often be the pre- cursor to then generate cashflow thereafter enabling a source of funds for additional near mine and greenfields exploration


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The quality of their workmanship and their professionalism to the approach of projects is what makes me keep coming back for their services.

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